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Model No.: 0753

Dual USB-C to HDMI+2xUSB3.0+SD+Micro SD+USB-C(Data)+Thunderbolt3

Retractable USB-C connector design used for both single and dual USB-C port laptop devices


*HDMI output up to 4K*2K@30Hz
*2xUSB 3.0 data speed up to 5Gbps
*With SD3.0/Micro SD3.0 Card Reader 100Mbps
*1xUSB-C data transfer up to  5Gbps
*1xUSB-C data transfer up to 5Gbps and power delivery

USB C Hub,Dual USB-C with HDMI,2 USB3.0,SD/Micro SD,USB-C(Data),Thunderbolt3 for MacBook,Macbook Pro,Dell,ASUS UX390UAK,HUAWEI MateBook,HP Spectre Notebook,ThinkPad X1,LG G5, etc

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