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Model No.:1000

Input: DisplayPort  (DP1.4 alt mode), Micro USB(5V/2A)
Output:  4x DisplayPort

With HDR10, 3D, DSC (Display stream compression)
1. Single DP1.4:  8K/60Hz
2. Dual DP1.4:  5K/60Hz+4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz
3. Triple DP1.4:  4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz
4. Four DP1.4:  4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz+4K/60Hz+ 4k/60Hz
5. Support HDR (High Dynamic Range)
6. Support 3D video format
7. Support 7.1 audio channel
8. Micro USB port for external power charging

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hub:
This MST Hub enables three different display modes on up to four monitors connected to a single DisplayPort output.

This hub is ideal for Gamers, Video Editors, Architects and anyone working with Ultra High-Resolution images or videos.

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